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Wealth Advisors Who Care

Wealth Advisors Who Care

Wealth Management Advisor

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At Wealth Advisors Who Care, our name tells our mission. Founded by Tony Adamo and Christopher Ritacca, our firm was established to deliver a truly unprecedented planning experience. We proudly serve clients throughout the Tampa Bay area and across the state of Florida.

Having worked in the industry’s leading institutional firms, Tony and Chris sought to return financial planning back where it belongs: driven by partnerships and planning, not by products. As an entirely independent firm, we are never compensated by commissions and will always have the flexibility to utilize leading services and resources from across the industry. This ensures our clients receive best-in-class solutions truly tailored to their best interests.

Our Commitment

With over 40 years of combined experience, Tony and Chris unite their expertise to form a truly dynamic collective. Having worked together for over five years, they bring a synergistic perspective to clients and the financial solutions that benefit them most.

Above all, Tony and Chris recognize that financial planning and the relationships that result are not to be mass produced. They are to respected and carefully nurtured with sound strategies, open communication, and a foundation of trust.  

To provide this highest level of service, we maintain a select clientele so we can truly understand and address each individual’s specific needs.

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